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★Luxury car limousine & car rental

For land, this is a rental car or chauffeur-driven limousine of a foreign car. These are highly rare foreign cars such as Rolls Royce, Maybach, and Ferrari.

For example, we will propose to travel agencies a planned trip that is likely to be supported especially by wealthy overseas travelers, such as traveling in a Maybach for transportation and staying at the Ritz-Carlton.

Arrangements centered on the Maybach and Rolls-Royce
As a consistent way to realize a sustainable earth in the future, a promising renewable energy source is the “MIRAI” hydrogen car manufactured by Toyota Motor Corporation.

The water that is inexhaustible on the earth can be electrolyzed and stored as hydrogen, which can be used as fuel or electricity as it is, so we plan to arrange a rental car and create an accommodation package for a hydrogen car as a trial.

The more it runs, the cleaner the air on the earth.
Large-space luxury saloons such as the Alphard, which was developed with the aim of becoming “the luxury car of the new era” and achieving even greater heights, can also be arranged.

You may have heard on TV news that the current Alphard has replaced luxury sedans as the cars of royalty, politicians, and celebrities.Alphard is popular among celebrities.

The highest level of luxury ryokan and hotel arrangements
We can create your company’s original customized tours that satisfy the intellectual curiosity of wealthy inbound travelers by combining hotels and inns that are difficult to book through normal travel arrangements, such as the ultimate gastronomic experience, where every detail of each dish is carefully selected. We can also arrange ryotei ryokan (traditional Japanese-style inns), which are visited by gourmets from all over the world without being noticed.

Tawaraya Ryokan in Kyoto, said to have been a regular guest of Stephen Jobs.

Misanso,” which attracts gourmets from all over the world, is located in a secluded area of Kyoto.

★Business Jet & Helicopter Arrangement
Three advantages of business jets

  1. You can save time.
  2. You can concentrate on your work.
  3. You can take a rest without worrying about others.

Inside a luxurious business jet
We are convinced that our proposal will increase the trust of travel agencies not only for access to tourist destinations with few commercial flights in Japan, but also for corporations and individuals with business demands who are fighting against time.

Helicopters can take you to unexplored destinations at will.
We also offer catering services for meals on board business jets, so please feel free to contact us. We also offer menus that will satisfy even the wealthiest of travelers, especially those from overseas.

Catering of creative Japanese cuisine popular among wealthy people from overseas
Seto Inland Sea cruising with a private atmosphere

★The Seto Inland Sea National Park is called the Aegean Sea of Japan.

Generally, the weather in Japan’s oceans is unstable, but why not propose a relaxing cruise in this warm and calm inland sea?

The scenic landscape is truly impressive, with land constantly in sight, like the Amazon River overseas or the Danube and Rhine Rivers in Europe.Elegant cruising on the Seto Inland Sea.

★Cruise Train, a kind of river cruise in Japan
We propose cruise train tours for overseas visitors to Japan. In Japan, there are no rivers that are navigable for river cruises like the Danube and the Rhine in Europe

However, cruise trains operating in Japan offer scenic landscapes reminiscent of European river cruises.

Not only sightseeing, but even the food and service on board are of the highest quality. Unlike conventional sleeper trains, which are used as a means of transportation, the train ride itself becomes the purpose of the trip.

The interior, meals, and service are of the highest quality, and are distinctly different from sleeper trains. Each company offers a variety of elaborate “hospitality” such as live piano music, hinoki (Japanese cypress) baths, and observation decks.

The “Shikishima” cruise train, reminiscent of a European river cruise
Travel service arrangement business means “making arrangements at the request of a travel agency” based on registration with the prefectural governor. In other words, we only conduct B to B transactions, making arrangements at the request of travel agencies, not travelers (consumers).

With the Corona Disaster, we will open a travel service arrangement business early in 2023 based on our experience in cruises and other tourism-related businesses.

The tourism industry has a very broad base, including not only travel and lodging, but also transportation, food and beverage, and merchandise sales, and is an important industry that supports the local economies of many regions, but has been very seriously affected since the outbreak of the new coronavirus infection.

The policy of Japan’s Tourism Agency is to create a virtuous economic cycle in the region by restoring the flow of tourists lost due to the spread of the infection to the region and encouraging consumption in the entire tourist area.

In line with these policies, we are developing a travel service arrangement business to assist travel agencies in creating high-quality, profitable travel products.

Our business is to provide support to travel agencies for their package products.

We offer high quality transportation by air, sea, and land, as well as high quality hotels and ryokan (Japanese-style inns).

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